57 Tips You Need to Know if You do Crochet

Video Credits: Annoo Crochet Designs

Good projects for beginners are cell phone cases, headbands, hats, scarves, and change purse. A beginner needs something that’s not overwhelming so they don’t give up before they really get started. It will take a while to make your first project so you’ll need extra patience.
It might take be a good idea to make a square to learn each stitch The best time to start is when it’s quiet at home. If you decide to watch YouTube videos you may have to watch them several times before you understand the technique or project.

Crocheting terminology can be written in American or English terms. The actual stitches are the same, but the meaning of a stitch may be different.

Okay, we all get a little attached to our crochet projects, but holding on too tightly only leads to impossibly tight stitches that are difficult to work with. Remember when you’re making your first row: you have to fit another row into these loops later! Making too-tight stitches may not be a “mistake” but it sure is common in crochet! Practice these simple steps to loosen your hold on the yarn and hook:

Remind yourself that the yarn cannot run away.
Practice building self-esteem. The project will work. You are a good crocheter.
Take a deep breath and count to five.
If you have to loosen your grip to allow the yarn through for the next stitch, you are holding on too tightly. If your hands ache after only a few minutes, you are holding on too tightly. LET IT GO. The yarn tends to unfold as it should.

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